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Introducing Nancy Bates


Welcome to my first Extended Play released through the internet for listeners around the World to download and enjoy!  I hope you enjoy it as much I did writing and singing these songs.

I would like to thank Jill Shelton, Archie Roach and producer Craig Pilkington.  Without their help, mentoring and nuturing  this EP would not have been possible.

My deepest thanks also go to Arts South Australia for their financial and moral support, and to the accomplished musicians involved, especially Robert Champion.

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Distance Between Us

A woman's intuation is the inspiration to this song.  Our ability to sense when something is not quite right with a relationship.  Acutely aware of our partner's attraction to others, although quite natural and acceptable, until it creates a distance. The silence in the relationship then speaks volumes.

One More Chance

This song is about the breakdown of a relationship because of our busy lives.  Focusing on our children, our work, yet neglecting the very relationship that is so important and central to our lives. Intimacy wanes and we put all things ahead of nuturing intimacy and lust.  The ultimate price to pay is the breakdown of a relationship.

Til The Morning Light

Love is an aspiration we all hope to find.  We want it to be long lasting and full of devotion, sharing and passion.  This song takes on elements of the journey to reach this aspiration.

Take You Home

This is a true love story of a man afraid of love, until a good woman came along and allayed his fears.  Together they had children and live a gorgeous life together.  Their enduring love is to be admired by all.

It's The Way

This is my personal lament of the attachment to the kind of lust that degrades the sacred body and soul.  When a woman gives her all but without reciprocation it erodes her existence.  The agony of attachment to those incapable of giving back  love and affection teaches us much about life.


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